Friday, May 4, 2012

Resorts of Minnesota

We've been so blessed with a beautiful spring this year in Minnesota.  It has me thinking about summer and lakes and the great outdoors.  I really enjoy driving over to Lake City and watching the sailboats out on the lake.  There is something so peaceful and serene about the scene.  I savor stopping at Rabbit's Bakery for a yummy sandwich and a cup of tea (fair trade).  And I usually meander through the antique shop across the street and browse through all the treasures of old.

A few years ago, I was blessed to be able to spend some time at a friend's cabin up near Brainerd.  It is on Thunder Bay north of Emily and Outing.  It was September and a bit cool but still very beautiful.  In the mornings everything was very still and a slight fog sat on the water.  Occasionally, I could hear a splash as a fish jumped out of the water, eating bugs for breakfast I would guess.

A dream of mine is to own a cabin on Lake Emily some day.  Why Emily?  Well, it is a fabulous name for one.  And it is a beautiful part of the state also.  The forests and the lakes are a bit of change from the cornfields and towns located in the southern part of Minnesota.  I dream of writing and resting and retreating from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

So as you plan for your summer vacations and start dreaming about the possibilities think about staying close to home on a Minnesota lake.  Neil Johnson has written a really great book that celebrates the people and places in Minnesota that we love so much.  Resorts of Minnesota tells the stories of families all over the state and the heritage and history of their resorts.  So whether you journey to a cabin this year or spend some time out on the lake fishing or skiiing, you can always take a trip through the written word.

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